Still Just A Kidd

"P.G. comes from when I played point guard in basketball and it just stuck.” Instagram Photos. 

"P.G. comes from when I played point guard in basketball and it just stuck.” Instagram Photos. 

Da Kidd P.G. grew up playing point guard on the basketball courts of New Haven. He never thought he’d be doing the same forward, propulsive moves with fashion—until college challenged him to change his career path to art. 

Now, he is the mastermind behind the brand A Kidd From New Haven, a fashion line that pays homage to the town in which he was born and raised. He started the brand a little over two years ago, with a few ideas and a trip down South on the horizon. Now, he has thousands of followers on Instagram.

A Kidd From New Haven started in 2015, when P.G. was headed to Atlanta, and printed out a few t-shirts “to rock around in.” As he received positive responses, he started an eponymous website. From  a place for merchandise, it turned into a full-fledged blog with information on music, clothing, and “stuff that I like.”

“It’s hard to compare A Kidd From New Haven because there’s nothing really like it in my opinion, especially with the fashion, video, and blogging aspect,” he said in a recent interview. “I would like the clothing aspect to be in the realm of the Supreme brand, and the videos to be more like Viceland and Complex, and have the impact of Hypebeast. All with a twist of community.”

P.G.’s clothing comprises hoodies, tees, beanies and t-shirts. On them you can find A Kidd From New Haven logos in his signature font. The “i” in “kidd" is replaced with a silhouette of a kid with a snapback cap. Most of the clothing comes in three colors, red, navy and black.

Born and raised in New Haven, P.G. said it’s important to him to do a lot for the community. In the past years he has hosted and sponsored art events, and offered pro-bono advertising to locals who are in need of it. 

“I’m from here, so I obviously want the city to be better than what it was when I was growing up,” he said. So, if I could help in any way to make that possible, shed light on something that’s not getting the light it needs, connect with different people, of course I will do that.” 

But P.G. didn’t always see himself doing design and artwork. As a kid and through his teenage years, the basketball court occupied most of his energy—and his professional dreams. It was only after he arrived at college that he considered developing his career as an artist.

“I used to play ball, so ball is life. But I always had the artist in me,” he said. “It wasn’t until college when I took my inner artist seriously and eventually pushing my brand. I was always business savvy, but again, wasn’t until recently I decided, I wanna do this.”

BarsOni95 Co-Host Chucks Case Ekere. Steve Walter Photo.  

BarsOni95 Co-Host Chucks Case Ekere. Steve Walter Photo.  

“The message of the brand correlates with my story,” he added. “But it’s regardless of being from a small city or state, I can make it.  And regardless of your situation, city or state, you can make it too.”

When asked about future events he would like to host, he said he’s researching about possible art events for the summer. And another about sexuality, “especially portraying the sexuality in a black women.”

“I’m always researching and networking. It’s especially important to have trial and error and have like-minded people that have your vision,” he said. “Which is something hard to do but definitely more ideal.”

As for the future of his brand, P.G. said that he “would also like to get more teenagers and females modeling the clothing.” He also hopes to, “somehow dictate and move culture. But especially just make an impact.” 

“My purpose is really just to create and be dope. In whatever it is. Whether it be in the clothing, imagery, video, music, photography, all just to move people in a way, and try to tell my story and others in these mediums.”

To find out more about Da Kidd P.G. and his brand, check out his website.