Two Takes On Black Panther

In lieu of Friday Flicks, we wanted to share two takes on Marvel's latest phenom, Black Panther. The following is part of our collaboration with WNHH Community Radio. 

On today's episode, host Tom Breen talks with Joe Ugly in the Morning Producer Preston Wilson, New Haven Arts Paper Editor Lucy Gellman, and Fantasy Filmball Host Shawn Murray about BLACK PANTHER, Ryan Coogler's much-anticipated Marvel movie set in the African techno-utopia of Wakanda. Breen, Wilson, Gellman, and Murray talk through BLACK PANTHER as a Marvel movie, a Black movie, and a movie about isolationist vs. interventionist politics.

On the second segment of the show, the four play a BLACK PANTHER-themed version of Fantasy Filmball, where they recast classic and contemporary movies with the filmmaking team behind BLACK PANTHER.

Host Babz Rawls-Ivy, Media Maven Michelle Turner, Rockstar Journalist Markeshia Ricks and Ife Gardin review Black Panther after a special weekend viewing.